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Set the pace in our Zoggs Tri-Vision Mask, featuring a larger frame for a comfortable fit, ideal for swimmers who want to avoid close markings around the eyes. This mask offers Curved Lens Technology™ providing 180 degree peripheral vision combined with Fogbuster™ anti-fog impregnated into the lens and maximum UV protection for fantastic clarity. The CV™ Clearer Vision lenses are ideal for both high and low level light, amplifying light in low level conditions and reducing the sun’s glare in brighter conditions providing excellent clarity and vision. The split-yoke strap is designed to reduce pressure around the eyes and features an easy adjust mechanism for an all-round fantastic mask for both indoor and outdoor swimming
CV™ Clearer Vision lenses amplify light in low level conditions
Reduced glare from the sun for excellent clarity
Ideal for indoor and outdoor swimming
Clear gasket offer enhanced light balance
CLT™ – Curved Lens Technology offers 180 degree peripheral vision
UV360 sun protection
Larger frame offers a super comfortable fit
Fogbuster™ anti-fog impregnated lenses ensure fantastic moisture control
Super soft silicone seal for ultimate comfort and fit
Quick adjust strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability
Split-yoke strap reduces pressure around the eyes
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