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When putting on your wetsuit, undo the zip and crease the suit in half so you can step into the legs of the suit. Pull the suit on using the inside, fabric-side, of the suit to avoid damaging the outside smooth neoprene with your fingernails.  Try instead to use the pads of your fingers. Also avoid rushing to put on as this will get you hot and the suit will be harder to get in to.

The seam on leg of the suit should run of the inside of the leg. The longer end of the leg holes should be aligned to the front and the shorter sides to the back. Be sure you move the neoprene in the legs up towards your crotch. Pull the neoprene in the arms of the suit towards your shoulders. Make sure not to use your fingernails at any point.

Hold the base of the zipper with one hand while using the pull cord to do the zipper up. Be sure the inner zipper panel sits flat underneath the zipper. If possible have someone help you do the zipper up. It is important to push your shoulder blades together so it is easier to pull the zip up.

The suit should fit snugly but not uncomfortably. If the collar feels too tight, be sure the suit is high enough in the hips and have someone help pull the back of the suit up through the zipper towards your shoulders.

When removing the suit undo the zipper before undoing the collar. Make sure you are holding the shoulder or body of the suit when you remove it.

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Our range of leisure modesty suits are new to Zoggs.com for 2016! The Aurora Modesty Suit is a 3 piece navy and blue suit with a stunning light and movement inspired placement print on the top. The top is front lined for modesty and also features a shelf bra for light bust support and comfort. There is a tie cord to attach the trousers and top to one another and prevent the top from riding up. There are also buttons on the collar of the top to hold the hood in place, so you can keep this lovely three piece secure as you enjoy the freedom of the water. This modesty suit is available in our super soft, quick drying and chlorine resistant Hydrolife™ fabric with exceptional colour and shape retention.
Available now at Swim T3 - your local swim and triathlon store
3 piece modesty suit includes detachable hood, top and trousers
Ideal for swimmers looking for maximum coverage
Looser fit for modesty and unrestricted freedom of movement
Swimsuit is front lined on the top
Shelf bra for light support and modesty on the bust
Striking light inspired placement print
Cord tie to attach top and trousers
Button feature to attach hood
Blue piping detail on hood
Maximum UPF 50+ sun protection
Made from our super soft Hydrolife™ fabric lasting over 200 pool hours
Lightweight and chlorine resistant
Quick drying
Exceptional colour retention
80% Polyamide (Nylon)
20% XtraLife Elastane