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Blueseventy's most flexible and comfortable suit yet - the Helix. Proprietary TST panels, 5mm Yamamoto Airdrome rubber, quick exit legs, a reverse zipper and body fit panels this suit fits and feels like a second skin.
Over the last 20 years Blueseventy have been at the forefront of triathlon and swimming wetsuits, constantly striving to lead the market in design, technology and performance. Being in the water as much as they are Blueseventy obsess over stroke rates, collar heights, upper body restrictions, center of buoyancy and countless other things that create the delicate balance between fit, material and design. This culmination of years of testing and research has produced what blueseventy say is their finest suit ever. Blueseventy meticulously sourced materials, experimented with panel construction and swam in prototype after prototype. The results speak for themselves: their most flexible and comfortable suit yet. Proprietary TST panels provide unparalleled upper body flexibility and thick 5mm Yamamoto Airdrome rubber deliver a higher body position in the water. Paired with quick exit legs, a reverse zipper and body fit panels; the Helix fits like a second skin and is quicker through T1. 4 generations of the Helix have delivered the ultimate Swimming experience. Champions and the fastest swimmers and triathletes have placed the Helix in a class of its own.
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Torsional Stretch Technology (TST)
The distinct blue panels of a Helix have been a stand out feature since the first model was released in 2006. For the 5th generation, Blueseventy have further advanced the premium Yamamoto 40 cell 1.5mm proprietary TST panels by eliminating seam lines and freeing up the deltoid muscle to provide unparalleled arm and shoulder mobility.
Ultrathin Arms
No other wetsuit offers ultrathin 1mm premium Yamamoto 40 cell arms that provide the flexibility and comfort of a second skin with the speed and propulsion of a full suit.
Body Fit Panels
The Helix has been improved with body-mapped gender specific 3mm Fit Panels contoured to not only make this edition their easiest Helix to fit, but to compliment the torso and back leg buoyancy panels to improve the rotation.
VO2 Chest Panel
Redesigned the split chest construction naturally and anatomically accentuates the lungs, producing the optimal amount of buoyancy while maximizing stretch during respiration. The thin centre panel has been extended to the neckline to improve fit and comfort.
Quick Exit Legs
New for the Helix is the addition of 2mm thin lower leg panels beginning at the knee and flaring out at the ankle. This design has made the Helix even easier to get on and the fastest to remove when seconds matter.
Honeycomb Aqua Feel
A premium feature of the Helix since 2010 is Blueseventy’s ultra-light hydrophobic catch panel made with the same permeable textile fabric used in their swim skins and competition pool swimsuits. These minimalistic forearm panels increase awareness of arm position in the water encouraging better technique, more power and reduced risk of injury.
The 4-way stretch fabric in Blueseventy’s 40 cell 1mm silicone cuffs seal the wrists from unwelcomed water entry, without catching when removing the suit.
Knee Flex
2mm textured panels assist with knee flexion by reducing bunching and improved running in transition.
Reverse Zipper
The Helix reverse zipper not only removes the bulkier zipper head from behind the neck but also reduces the need for a traditionally higher collar, improving your comfort and making it easier to sight.
The Helix is built on a 5-4-4 pattern, centralizing core buoyancy to raise the position of the highs in relation to the rest of the body. The chest and torso panels utilize super buoyant 5mm Yamamoto Airdrome that keep the hips high and promote and efficient downhill swimming position.
Blueseventy’s striking bright orange inner jersey is laminated to ultra-supple 40 cell neoprene to produce an incredibly flexible suit. New for this Helix is the addition of their new blue jersey focused at the TST Body Fit and VO2 Chest panels.
Fitting your wetsuit is of great importance and should be done with care and attention. Please refer to our Guide – How to put on a wetsuit – for further information or watch the brand's video guide, if available, on the video tab above.
About Wetsuits
Modern triathlon wetsuits were invented by Dan Empfield in 1987 and are customized to the needs of triathletes, they generally incorporate the following key features which differentiates them from a normal wetsuit. 1, Thinner and/or more pliable rubber near the shoulders. 2, Long zippers to facilitate quick removal during transition. In addition, tri wetsuits have a very smooth, but often fragile, surface. This slick surface helps to reduce water friction and allows a faster swim. Another advantage of a tri wetsuit is the added buoyancy that the wetsuit provides, this can provide triathletes with a considerable speed and energy saving advantage over swimming without a suit.
About the blueseventy brand
Since 1993, we’ve designed, tested, refined and crafted wetsuits and swimskins that transcend the confines of what is possible. In the process, we’ve carried world-class athletes to victory and instilled confidence in beginners. We make products that empower swimmers to achieve their personal bests. We are swimming. We are blueseventy.