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Closedback Kneeskin:
The innovative Arm Hole Entry enables maximum body coverage, compression and hydrodynamic form within FINA regulations.
Body Stability Web:
A network of bonded seems and panels: The Body Stability Web provides support precisely where it’s needed to promote a hydrodynamic, neutral swimming position while returning the energy used on starts and turns.
3D Zoned Compression:
3D Zoned Compression contours the athlete’s body into the most efficient form
for movement through water, producing the optimum return for each kick or stroke. It is created by the graduated zones of compression fabric technology of our new Hydro-K Zone 3D fabric.
Fit Point Markers:
Tactile graphics placed at key physical points. A simple yet inspired innovation that makes it easy to fit and align the Fastskin3 Racing System for maximum efficiency in the water.
Power Seams:
Edge bonded and ultrasonically welded, Power Seams offer less resistance to the flow of water, are tougher and more comfortable than conventional seams.

Developed as part of the world's first Racing System®, engineering cap, goggles and suit to work in harmony
Up to an 8.1% change in body shape, improving hydrodynamics and reducing drag
3D Zoned Compression is a graduated body compression system that works with the body to create the most efficient shape
Body Stability Web - a network of bonded seams that provides targeted support for a hydrodynamic and neutral swimming position
Energy return during transitions from starts and turns to swim
Features Fit Point Markers to help you fit your suit in the correct position on the body
Power Seams are bonded to offer less resistance, be more comfortable and tougher
The armhole entry system is easy to get into whilst maintaining the best fit
Closed-back offers maximum body coverage for reduced skin friction drag
The striking iconic design is cohesive across the suit
Super Elite suits come with gloves to aid fitting

50% polyamide, 50% Lycra/60% polyamide, 40% elastane

FINA Approved
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