KAP7 - Limited Edition - LEN EURO WATER POLO BALL - Size 4

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KAP7 - Limited Edition - LEN EURO 2018- Size 4
Limited Edition!
The 2018 KAP7 LEN European Championship Official Game Ball.
Size 4
The LEN Official KAP7 Size 4 HydroGrip Water Polo Ball has quickly become the go-to choice for amateur and elite water polo players alike. KAP7 has tapped into years of experience, proprietary technology, and the highest quality materials to develop the HydroGrip Ball. It is the best and longest lasting ball in the world. The HydroGrip has been designed to meet guidelines for local, national, and global specifications.
The Official Water Polo Ball of LEN
Water reactant grip for control
Hand buffed for added grip
Precision wound nylon carcass