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Delivering the unique to “Huub” 3:5 buoyancy balance that assists lifting thighs and hips to create a more linear and faster swim position. The 3mm chest and 2mm shoulders give the suit flexibility…unmatched.
The Aegis represents the entry into the Huub wetsuit line. Taking the DNA of the top Archimedes suit and translating into a wetsuit package featuring Smooth Skin on EVERY panel. Review the competitor at this level, you will not see a full Smooth Skin suit.
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Unrivalled 3mm neoprene for correct buoyancy level and all over body flexibility never before offered in a female suit
High stretch lining combined with thinner and more flexible outer smooth skin
Neoprene flexibility, thickness and stretch combination unmatched in the industry
Multi- panel shoulders and chest designed to allow neoprene grain stretch that conforms to body shape and stretch
Speed cut ankle for easy release in transition
Large Velcro contact area for neck comfort adjustment
Product Description
Research for us is a discovery, discovering not only solutions to problems but also problems that have previously been ignored or unidentified. Our unique partnership with Swim Smooth swim coaching and their research into swim types that has helped us address key issues affecting swim performance. By piecing this together with coaching organizations across the globe and the experts at the University of Amsterdam human movement centre, we are able to ask where all parties believe improvements can be made. Of course, we also research every change we make in our products and ensure its not just change for change sake.
Once our research has identified areas of improvement where we can maximize the athletes potential, we turn to the scientists, you know, the really clever ones who spend hours observing the interaction of the body through water, those who measure drag in its many forms, Wave Drag, Form Drag, Spray Drag, Interference Drag, Pressure
Drag,...I know, you thought the simple stretch of a suit and a piece of neoprene drag coefficient was what made it fast? If only it were that simple. Huub Toussaint and his Team of Experts are working year round at the Einhoven Research centre where constant testing is undertaken to deliver the numbers and statistics needed to better understand human movement through water. There will be some products where this is not relevant, but for all the products we swim in, The Science will dictate the product..Every time.
The reality is where our 23 year industry veteran comes in. Dean Jackson, our pragmatist, takes the research and Science gathered and then creates a product with the simple goal of maximizing the athletes performance.
Combining current technologies and materials while also challenging the norm and searching for improved options in all areas of suit performance. He says that working with the talent of Swim Smooth, Huub Toussaint and the Eindhoven research centre makes his job so much easier, but we also know working for three of the world leading wetsuit brands gives a knowledge rarely equaled.