Ankle Strap

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Why use an ankle strap on pull sets?

    Benefits of Strapping Ankles Together:

  1. The added drag resistance, from the sinking legs, builds stroke muscles faster.
  2. Trains the swimmer to press their buoyant chest and lift their legs.
  3. Improves early vertical forearm (EVF) by magnifying any degree of dropped elbows.
  4. Adds diversity to your pull sets.
    Benefits of Strapping Ankles + Buoy Between Ankles:

  1. Creates front quadrant instability
  2. Improves stroke quality
  3. Improves core engagement

2 sizes:

  • Regular Ankle Strap
  • Small Ankle Strap

Regular Ankle Strap

Strong enough to attach to a parachute from the ankles

Join 2 ankle straps to make a knee strap for breast kicking

Use as an Ankle Cuff on each foot to pull small parachutes from each foot

Small Ankle Strap

  • The most comfortable strap on the market
  • Might not be big enough for some swimmers