Swim 4 Plunket

Welcome to the Swim T3: Swim 4 Plunket - a paced open water swimming fundraiser on the beautiful North Shore on November 23, 2019.


Plunket and Swim T3 bring you the 12 X 1 Mile Ocean Swim Challenge for Charity. From 7am on Saturday 23rd November, we will be swimming one mile on the hour every hour for 12 hours straight.

We will be accommodating SOLO swimmers as well as TEAMS, Skins Swimmers and Wetsuit Swimmers, Young and Fast Swimmers, Old and Not so Fast Swimmers. The Goal is to complete all 12 Miles and raise some funds for Plunket while we do it. Every tough and agonising stroke you take will remind you of how lucky we are to be alive and swimming, while there might be others who aren’t as fortunate and need OUR help.

Register now for the mile/s you want to swim. You can swim one mile, two miles, all 12 miles, you can pace yourself over the day or try and swim all 12 miles at once… it’s completely up to you.

How can I fundraise?

Register for your swim at www.SwimT3.co.nz. In order to keep things simple and easy for all to manage, we have set up a generic Swim 4 Plunket fundraising page  https://raiseabundle.org.nz/collections/swim4plunket – please share this link with friends and family.

We will be directing all traffic towards this site for all donations – please request that your name and surname is used as a reference should you want to keep track of funds raised on your behalf.

Alternatively, on the Raise a Bundle website, you will be asked whether or not you wish to set up your own fundraising page. Simply click ‘yes’ and follow the prompts. Set a fundraising goal and share the link with friends and family so they can see what you’re doing and support your mission! Make sure you use the hashtag #swim4plunket whenever you post to social media. Happy training and thank you for supporting Plunket!


What you need to know:


WHERE: Mairangi Bay Beach

WHEN: Saturday 23rd November

TICKETS: From $20

FUNDRAISING: https://raiseabundle.org.nz/collections/swim4plunket

Bring the family and a picnic blanket, soak up the rays, coffee, food and atmosphere. There will also be spot prizes up for grabs and The Hits radio will be pumping the tunes!

Plunket has provided critical community services to families across New Zealand for over 100 years. All funds raised from this event will go directly back into the Northern region, helping Plunket provide ongoing care and support for families for years to come.


*Event subject to weather conditions being deemed safe by Mairangi Bay Surf Life Saving Club.  All fees will be refunded if weather is untenable unless swimmer wishes to leave donation with Plunket. Competitors swimming in ULTRA need to take regular breaks to stay hydrated.