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The best wetsuit in our opinion ever created. The Archimedes (named after the great Physicists and Mathematician Archimedes and his Buoyancy principle) This suit quite simply delivers the buoyancy and flexibility that you would expect along with a host of benefits created by the experts in scientific and practical swimming development.
Available in two versions, because we do not all swim the same. Presented in 3:5 and 4:4 versions for those with sinking legs and those with good body alignment. No other suits on the market today aids your stroke, kick and body position like the Archimedes.
Product Description:
It’s been wrong of the wetsuit industry to offer one type of suit for all types of swimmers. To think that we all float, swim and
propel ourselves the same as each other is such an error that has taken too long to recognize. Huub understands that with
over 85% of triathlon competitors not coming from a swim background the product mix in today’s retailers is completely
out of sync with the needs of the athletes.
Most athletes need help raising hips and legs due to their backgrounds being cycling and running. How much they
spend on a product should not offer differing and sometimes irrelevant buoyancy’s.
Fortunately, here at Huub we all understand this, we know that with the correct suit the majority of swimmers will reduce
drag through the water by up to 30% (How much would you pay for that on your bike?) You will find in our range two levels
of suit and two types of buoyancy for our wetsuit line, pretty easy really.
The type of suit is defined by the buoyancy to give you a correct body balance for your unique make up.
Since the sport of triathlon began two of its disciplines were able to fall back to many years of research and the benefits to be had within running and cycling product development. Swimming for triathlon is a different story. Swimming with wetsuits is seen by many as the “Easy option” for open water swimming, and the hardcore of the sport will not allow wetsuits for such challenges as the channel crossing and other marathon swimming feats. Wetsuits for swimming did not exist until triathlon gave them a place, yet time trial bikes and running shoes were firmly planted in development and the product was exciting.
For the past 24 years the wetsuit has evolved very little aside from the development of more flexible and buoyant neoprene materials. Manufacturers still offer the same material, the same thickness and the same make up with key differences unverified and unsupported with science and testing. And what we find kind of bizarre, there are three parts to a triathlon and the swim is currently the one area the majority of athletes can drastically improve their performance through identifying their own body type and choosing a product designed to increase their performance rather than having to settle for one product that suits all.
You choose stack and reach, rim depths, bar widths and materials to suit you
You choose shoes on: foot type, weight, terrain, widths and running style.
You choose a wetsuit, you swim, there are no great differing body type options….Until now.
We understand at Huub that in order for our products to make a difference, we need to understand how products currently available perform and how we make changes be they minor or major. The ultimate goal for us here at Huub is to maximise your potential. By aligning ourselves with the worlds leading experts we are able to squash a few myths and realize a few ideas, some surprisingly we have been believing for years to improve our performance yet have no benefit whatsoever
Research for us is a discovery, discovering not only solutions to problems but also problems that have previously been
ignored or unidentified. Our unique partnership with Swim Smooth swim coaching and their research into swim types
that has helped us address key issues affecting swim performance. By piecing this together with coaching
organizations across the globe and the experts at the University of Amsterdam human movement centre, we are
able to ask where all parties believe improvements can be made. Of course, we also research every change we make
in our products and ensure its not just change for change sake.
Once our research has identified areas of improvement where we can maximize the athletes potential, we turn to
the scientists, you know, the really clever ones who spend hours observing the interaction of the body through
water, those who measure drag in its many forms, Wave Drag, Form Drag, Spray Drag, Interference Drag, Pressure
Drag,...I know, you thought the simple stretch of a suit and a piece of neoprene drag coefficient was what made it
fast? If only it were that simple.. Huub Toussaint and his Team of Experts are working year round at the Einhoven
Research centre where constant testing is undertaken to deliver the numbers and statistics needed to better
understand human movement through water. There will be some products where this is not relevant, but for all the
products we swim in, The Science will dictate the product..Every time.
The reality is where our 23 year industry veteran comes in. Dean Jackson, our pragmatist, takes the research and
Science gathered and then creates a product with the simple goal of maximizing the athletes performance.
Combining current technologies and materials while also challenging the norm and searching for improved options
in all areas of suit performance. He says that working with the talent of Swim Smooth, Huub Toussaint and the Eindhoven research centre makes his job so much easier, but we also know working for three of the world leading wetsuit brands gives a knowledge rarely equaled.
Researched with Huub Toussiant and Swim Smooth, the X-O-Skeleton is the spine and support structure of the suit
holding the core of the swimmer straight and aligned in the water. Many swimmers increase their drag and lose efficiency
by fish-tailing their hips side to side as they swim, the X-O-Skeleton supports the swimmer and allows them to cut
through the water arrow-straight and encourages good body roll for a more efficient stroke.
The grey highlighted areas of the X-O-Skeleton are made of a super-high buoyancy material used in life jackets (NBR).
Substantially more buoyant than neoprene, the material also has much reduced stretch. Hang on, reduced stretch? Yes,
that’s right, used in the right places and cleverly cut into the skeleton structure, these stiffer components of the Exo
Skeleton hold you straight and aligned through your core.
Don’t worry, the chest, shoulders and arms of your Huub suit are super-flexible but in the core area of the back and hips, the
stiffness of the X-O-Skeleton holds you straight and aligned.
Bicep Release ™
To assist in developing a high elbow catch for great arm stroke propulsion. A concept developed by Swim Smooth in Perth
Australia, these panels allow the bicep to expand naturally as the elbow is bent, dramatically reducing the restriction of the
suit. The result is near-zero arm fatigue and an improved bent-elbow catch and pull-through under the water!
Calf Release ™
Our man Huub Toussaint specified a new Achilles-friendly calf release system. This super-flexible area of the suit creates
less pressure on the calf and achilles, and gives more range of movement. The result is a more efficient kick technique
with less risk of cramping. No need for a fancy three letter acronym just great wetsuit design!
Crossover Alignment.
Up to 70% of swimmers cross-over the centre line in front of their head when they swim, losing propulsion and causing
them to snake through the water. With Paul Newsome and Adam Young at Swim Smooth we developed a unique over-
reach system which restricts the crossing-over movement and helps pull the lead arm straight. Another feature of our suits
that actually improves your stroke technique as you swim!
Breakaway Zipper
First seen on Quintana Roo wetsuits, this zipper is the best design in the market with a super-fast exit with one-pull
release. You can also zip-up without assistance (not all zippers allow this... shocking but true). Great work you guys at QR!
(we will never claim a design improvement if someone else developed it first)
No Forearm Catch Panel
One of the first things The Professor did was show us his research on forearm catch panels.... Thanks Huub! His flow
modelling and high speed video footage shows they do not produce any additional propulsion and could well reduce it.
Every design feature of every Huub suit has to give a proven benefit to you the swimmer, everything else we discard