Race Suit Fittings

Having the right Race suit for any competition is essential to helping boost your confidence in the water and improving your performance, so here's a handy quick guide to help you find the right suit!

Age: Some regions in New Zealand have strict rules about the type of suit you can wear, with many not allowing swimmers under 13 to wear compression gear.  Make sure you know your local rules before choosing your suit!

Stroke: Different suits use compression differently depending on your stroke, especially when using kicks in Breast stroke and butterfly, so make sure your suit is designed to give you the maximum range for the strokes you excel in!

Distance: Compression over longer distances can build up chemicals in your body, and some suits, like the TYR Venzo and Arena Carbon Ultra are designed to help dissipate these chemical build ups, allowing you to swim the longer distances without your body fighting back as much!

Comfort: Compression suits aren't comfortable, they put the body under immense pressure to help you get the most benefit out of them but they shouldn't actually hurt you to wear them.  They should never rub your skin raw, dig into your hips or shoulders or stop you being able to breath comfortably.

All of our stores are staffed with people who have been trained on how to find the right fit for you in your race suit - especially for first timers - so why not take the time to consult with an expert before your big race day to make sure you are getting the most out of your race gear!

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