Coronavirus Updates (Ongoing)

As the health crisis around Coronavirus (Covid 19) continues to develop, we've realised that there is currently no single place to get information on every field of swimming - individual events and organisations have rightly put out information relating to what they do and their plans going forward, but we work across multiple fields and we see how often competitors cross codes in swimming - so thought it for the best to collate all the updates in one place.

Here you will find out about event cancellations and changes, our responses to make sure you're kept safe in our stores and any changing information from the Ministry of Health as it pertains to the fields we work with.

Ultimately, our aim is to keep everyone - our staff and our customers safe, but with this kind of shut down happening, we also know there are risks competitors have of losing motivation which could have long term consequences to their goals in the water and we want to make sure that doesn't happen as well.

For the most up to date information about Covid 19 and developments around it, and measures taken to limit it, please check the Ministry of Health Website.


11 August, 2020. 10:00pm

As of Midday tomorrow, Auckland will be -re-entering Level 3 lockdown restrictions after 4 cases of community transmission in one family.  Our Auckland stores will be closing from 11am tomorrow morning within the Auckland region.

Our Wellington and Christchurch stores will be maintaining Level 2 restrictions, with Social Distancing and contact tracing in place.  We will not be allowing customers to try on swim wear or goggles while at this alert level.

Stay safe swimmers and kia kaha!

June 8, 2020 3:15pm

Just announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - New Zealand will be moving to Level 1 from Midnight tonight! What a huge accomplishment for our team of 5 Million - so here’s some guidelines for you all in what Level 1 means! 

May 11, 2020. 4:30pm

Today the Government has announced we will move to Alert Level 2 on Thursday.

This means a lot of changes for swimmers and for us.

Pools can once again reopen under Level 2, with limits of 100 people in the complex at any time, tracing taking place and personal hygiene rules put in place.

For our stores, we will reopen from Thursday.  Customers can be assured that we will be undertaking rigorous cleaning regimes and social distancing to keep everyone safe.  All Customers entering the stores will need to register for tracing requirements in place under the Level 2 rules.

It's important that we all remain vigilant - there's always a risk of the virus taking hold again so please remember to look after each other.

May 7, 2020. 2:57pm

Announcements made today about how Level 2 will work has shed some light on swimming when the move is made.  A decision on that is due Monday so for now, please remember to follow Level 3 rules, stay home and stay safe!


April 27, 2020. 3:20pm

April 16, 2020: 2:30pm

Under level three restriction guidelines released today by the Government we can confirm our online store will be fully operational when levels change, and that open water swimming will be allowed again - while still following social distancing rules and only encouraged for people already confident in their skills.

April 15, 2020. 9:13am

As wel hopefully near the end of Level 4 lockdown - if all goes to plan that will happen in a week, our team has been working hard to make sure we hit the ground running at each level.

At Level 3, we expect our warehouse and online orders to start flowing again.  We've been implementing changes to our process to ensure this is contactless and have set ourselves a  goal of sorting the orders before the 24th of April.

Under Level 3, private pools can reopen but it's not until level 2 that we expect public pools to repopen and our stores.  When we reopen, our stores will have strict social distancing protocols in place for everyone's safety.

March 24, 2020. 9:40am

As you will no doubt be aware, the New Zealand Government has instigated lockdown protocols for the next month or so for all non-essential jobs - and as much as the swimming community may not like it, that includes us.

Effective from today our stores will be closed until the country reopens.

Our webstore is open though - because of the lockdown we won't be able to fulfill orders until we're all cleared to get back to work. 

We hope it passes quickly and in this tough time, we hope you still support us so afterwards we can still support you.

In the mean time, work on staying fit and healthy - Level 4 doesn't stop you from going outside to exercise, just do it with those in isolation with you and keep at least 2 meters apart.

Stay safe, stay brave and most importantly, stay home!

March 22,2020. 12:21pm

This has been a looong week.  A week ago we were prepping for some big events, today we're grappling with the closure of public pools in every main centre in New Zealand.  This morning Wellington became the latest city to close their facilities.

In each centre though there are still privately run pools, like Auckland's AUT Millennium that are still operating - these facilities are following MoH  WHO guidelines though and monitoring user numbers to keep everyone safe.

On top of that we're recommending swimmers start looking at alternatives to keep themselves moving.  Not only is a healthy body a strong way to fight the effects of Covid 19, it's important as well for helping to stay positive.  So why not take a look at Open Water Swimming as an option.  Every region has a number of groups that do this already, and as the water temp starts to drop a little, tools like wetsuits will help keep you going.  We're even getting in some thermal wetsuits to help keep everyone moving.

We know it's a bit scary out there, that everyone is nervous - we'd be lying if we said we weren't ourselves.  But we know that it will pass, and we hope that clubs, swimmers and groups we've supported over the years will return the favour and help us help them going forward.

March 17, 2020. 1:42pm

The last of the regional pool meets seem to now being postponed or cancelled.

March 17, 2020. 1:18pm

Swimming New Zealand has made the tough call to cancel several big events over the next few months. Here's an updated list of the events we currently know about.


March 16, 2020. 9:00pm

After an announcement today by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern putting in place restrictions on events of more than 500 people, we've seen a spate of events cancelled in an effort to limit the spread of Covid 19.  These events cross a number of fields, like Triathlon, open water swimming and pool based events.  We'll be working to keep updating our list as we learn more about what events are doing going forward.

March 16, 2020. 10:30am

Covid 19 Precautions

As you will no doubt be aware, the current Covid 19 outbreak has been having some serious effects on all walks of life, and after a very sensible decision yesterday from Swimming New Zealand to limit upcoming competitions to competitors only, we have also decided to make some minor changes to how we operate to help keep our staff and customers safe. 

These changes are designed to limit direct contact, which is how the virus is spread, and to increase our cleaning schedules in stores. They have been designed using the guidelines from the Ministry of Health.  Of course, to really limit potential issues, the safest way to shop for anything you may need is online at our webstore -

But we’re aware that sometimes you need to fit things, see how things look and find out how they work from an expert - so we’re adapting our store procedures to keep people safe.

We’ve produced a handy breakdown which will be displayed at all our stores for you so you can see what we’re doing. It limits how often items are touched and interpersonal contact since this virus is passed on in droplet form. 

We appreciate that this can be tough, but together we can all work to flatten the curve, and limit possible issues going forward - not just for our staff and customers but for the wider community as a whole. We remain dedicated to helping swimmers achieve their goals in the water, and that includes keeping everyone safe.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact your local Swim T3 store but also look at the Ministry of Health guidelines as well and follow the suggested courses of action to keep you and your loved ones safe.


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